Code Red Registration

In preparation for the upcoming tornado season we’re posting the annual CodeRed update for Cheyenne County residents.

CodeRed is an emergency notification platform that delivers geo-targeted and time sensitive messages across different channels including: telephones, text messages, email and social media. Certain situations are dependent on alerting the community regarding: severe weather, hazmat, missing persons or evacuation orders. If you would like to receive notificatio...ns during these situations, please visit the link below.

For the CodeRed app visit either link depending on what phone you have.


Android -

CodeRed works for LAN lines and cellphones; as long as you’re in the targeted area that you selected for your address then you will receive notifications for that area only.
If CodeRed is unable to verify your address, you will have the option to use the map given to pin-point your location.

If you have any questions regarding CodeRed or how to setup a notification please give us a call and we will assist you.

Thank you,

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